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19th to 19th September 2021


Tournament Organiser:Niek Van Vucht
Phone: 0422471649



The Bridge Federation of the ACT is holding a Gala ‘Gold’ Pairs Day on 19 September 2021 using the RealBridge platform starting at 9.45 am. (Note the early start time).

Objectives of the day

1.     Provide a one-day butler pairs event where players of BFACT affiliated clubs of all levels will be welcomed and will be competitive.  The event will have Open, Restricted and Novice categories.

2.     Select “Canberra 2” and “ACT Provincial Team” (a provincial player is one who is under 300 MP or a player from a provincial club affiliated to BFACT) or a player from a provincial club affiliated to BFACT) for the GNOT. The GNOT will be held 26 to 29 November 2021 online on the RealBridge platform.

Format of the day

The event to be conducted as a Swiss of 6x8 board matches (09:45, 10:45, 11:45, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30).

  • The Open entrants will play together.
  • Restricted (under 300 MP), Provincial and Novice (under 50 MP) will play together.

Players who are eligible to represent ACT at the GNOT final will be contacted after scores are confirmed.

The BFACT Annual General Meeting will follow matches at 5:00 p.m and will be on Zoom.  A link to join the Zoom meeting will be available on the day.

Forming Teams

The top two placed contending pairs will form the Canberra 2 team.  The team can augment with another pair if they wish.  The ACT Provincial team will be the top 2 contending pairs that qualify for ACT Provincial status, i.e. those from provincial areas or those with less than 300 masterpoints per person.  The ACT Provincial team can augment with another suitable pair if they wish.


Players will compete for prizes in the following categories:

  • Novice (under 50 MP) for the Earl Dudley Trophy
  • Restricted (under 300 MP) for the Valerie Mitchell Trophy
  • Intermediate (Under 1000 MP) for the Beverley Carmichael Trophy
  • Best pair from regional club affiliated with BFACT

Winners will be contacted following confirmation of results, which will be published on the Canberra Bridge Club website.


Entries should be submitted by 10:00 Saturday, 18 September.  The cost of entry is:

  • $15 for full-time students
  • $25 for all others ($50 per pair)

Entries for full-time students can be made directly to the convenor Niek Van Vucht.

Location - RealBridge online

Addiional Information

The link to the RealBridge event will be emailed to participants close to the date.


Event Entry Fee Day Time Total Entries Action
Gala Pairs50 credits Sunday 19-09-2021 - 9:45am 18 Enter
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Gala Restricted Pairs50 credits Sunday 19-09-2021 - 9:45am 6 Enter
View Entries