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13th to 16th November 2021

Sponsored by


                  ABF                                              TBIB


Organiser:Jane Rasmussen & Laurie Kelso
Phone: 02 6239 2265
Chief Tournament Director: Matthew McManus


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This is the online replacement to the ANC Butler which will be held on RealBridge.

Click here for RealBridge links, Seating and Results

The Open Butler will be run in two stages:

  • Stage I - Sat / Sun 13-14th November
  • Stage II - Mon / Tue 15-16th November

The Restricted Butler (open to players with less than 300 masterpoints as of 1st January 2021) will be run as a stand-alone event on Sat / Sun 13-14th November

The starting time each day is 12:00 AEDT (or 09:00 AWST)

The anticipated finishing time on the weekend is 18:30 AEDT (Restricted), 19.00-19.50 AEDT (Open)

There will not be any Seniors', Women's or Mixed Butler pairs events.

The Open Butler will award PQPs to 6th place (23, 20, 18, 13,10, 8). 

Both events will award Gold Points.

NOTE:  Because the event is now being run directly by the ABF and is no longer associated with BAWA, all session times are given in Australian Eastern Summer Time (AEDT).

Location - Real Bridge (Online)

Additional Information


Stage 1 of the TBIB Open Butler will consist of four sessions - with the format being dependent upon the number of entries.

Stage 2 will consist of 11 x 9-board matches.  The top 12 eligible pairs from Stage 1 will progress to Stage 2.

The TBIB Restricted Butler will be a Swiss consisting of 8 x 12-board matches.


Event Entry Fee Day Time Total Entries Action
TBIB Restricted Butler120 credits Saturday 13-11-2021 - 12pm 30 Enter
View Entries
Sunday 14-11-2021 - 12pm
TBIB Open Butler - Stage I140 credits Saturday 13-11-2021 - 12pm 101 Enter
View Entries
Sunday 14-11-2021 - 12pm
TBIB Open Butler - Stage II (Enter only after qualifying from Stage I)140 credits Monday 15-11-2021 - 12pm 12 Enter
View Entries
Tuesday 16-11-2021 - 12pm

1 credit = $1.00.   If paying by bank transfer pay to:  BSB: 082 968  Account Number: 641482644 but please put your ABF Number in as a reference