TBIB Australian Swiss Pairs

Tasmanian Festival of Bridge 2024

16th to 17th March 2024 - 10am Start

This event starts at different times on subsequent days

Date Start Time
Saturday 16th Mar 2024 10am
Sunday 17th Mar 2024 9:30am

89 entries

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
John Grosvenor, Mardi Grosvenor Complete
Pauline Gumby, Warren Lazer Complete
Lakshmi Sunderasan, Fraser Rew Complete
Jan Malinas, Gary Malinas Complete
Barbara Carter, Faye Norton-Old Complete
Les Varadi, Eva Shand Complete
Peter Watson, Julia Watson Complete
Julie Rhodes, Leigh Blizzard Complete
Kim Frazer, Laurie Kelso Complete
Elizabeth Fanos, George Finikiotis Complete
Debbie Kras, Allan Gory Complete
Jodi Tutty, David Beauchamp Complete
Jenny Adey, Faye Ding Complete
Malcolm Sherlock, Patricia Colles Complete
Ken Anderson, Lindy Anderson Complete
Sue Falkingham, Marg Enright Complete
Martin Bloom, George Bilski Complete
Phil Timmins, Duncan Abercromby Complete
Philip Young, Gregory Nunn Complete
Christine Tongs, Linda Wynwood Complete
Ella Jacob, Joshua Tomlin Complete
Felicity Wivell, Roger Swain Complete
Alaine MacMorran, Fiona Hickey Complete
Margaret Gibbs, Margaret Robertson Complete
Lynda Young, Hannah O'Donnell Complete
Dallas Cooper, Barbara Holland Complete
Nigel Rosendorff, Peter Reynolds Complete
Meg Sharp, Helen Clayton Complete
Judith Lyon, Jill Robinson Complete
Mary Poynten, Anthony White Complete
Lou Tillotson, Roger Weathered Complete
Catherine Elliott, Jane Routley Complete
Giselle Mundell, Andrew Peake Complete
Maria Gibbs, Annie Bartlett Complete
Tanya Michalek, Kerryn Peary Complete
Phil Beck, David Robinson Complete
Ian Farmer, David Rogers Complete
Anne Fyfe, Cvetko Suban Complete
Megan Edwards, Michelle George Complete
Mike Stratton, Tamara Cutcliffe Complete
Geoffrey Green, Julia Johnson Complete
Ben Kingham, Sylvia Schwarcz Complete
Pam Murphy, Barbara Giizel Complete
Andrew Spooner, Jessica Brake Complete
Paul Hunter, Sue Hunter Complete
Petille von Bibra, Hayley Mitchell Complete
Ron Klinger, Avinash Kanetkar Complete
Paul Fredheim, Rosemary Giles Complete
Sheila Wills, Carol Loth Complete
Kevin Wheelahan, David Shaw Complete
Andrew Richman, Sandra Richman Complete
Lynne Cooke, Shelley James Complete
Maggie Callander, Penny Corrigan Complete
Anna Bell, Anne Nothling Complete
Darryl Smith, Gulum Kocak Sunamak Complete
Frank Milford, Bob Ranson Complete
Maurits van der Vlugt, Dagmar Neumann Complete
John Cummings, Ros Walsh Complete
George Kozakos, Pele Rankin Complete
Peter Brennan, Margot Brennan Complete
Richard Cooke, Ian Mansfield Complete
David Marshall, Sarah Howard Complete
Julia Corr, Maggie Crawford Complete
Maureen Carswell, Nicole Stedman Complete
Rexine Stott, Laurie Pearce Complete
Martin Doran, Pauline Collett Complete
Nick Edginton, Rhonda Graham Complete
David Fryda, Jenny Thompson Complete
Therese Demarco, Anita Curtis Complete
Erica McCoull, David McCoull Complete
Leone Fuller, Trevor Fuller Complete
Sue Brown, Bob Brown Complete
Chelliah Arul, Steven White Complete
Ian Thomson, Tony Leibowitz Complete
Moira Smith, Di Dunne Complete
Louis Cukierman, Gayle Bagg Complete
Alex Jones, Tim Legge Complete
Ann Paton, Judy Bills Complete
Leonie Atkins, Geraldine Carey Complete
Libby Persson, Michael Pogson Complete
Jeremy Reid, Sebastian Wright Complete
Jeanette Reitzer, Matt Smith Complete
Ian Lisle, Vicky Lisle Complete
Dennis Butler, Wendy Butler Complete
Peter Cox, Michael Wilkinson Complete
Wynne Webber, Meta Goodman Complete
Sebastian Yuen, Christy Geromboux Complete
Robert Gallus, George Lovrecz Pending
Judy Mann, Pat Beattie Pending