What Are Cookies?

Cookies are horrible American biscuits.

Cookies are little text files that websites ask your web browser to store on your computer so they can keep track of the things you are doing and the places that you visit on the Internet.

You can view your cookies through your web browser, but most people don't.

Cookies are used extensively by marketing companies to track what you are up to and to try to gain an insight into what they can sell you. For this reason many countries have laws that force websites to ask your consent to their use of cookies. You will almost certainly have had to agree to the use of cookies when visiting some websites.

Our Use of Cookies

We don't ask you to accept our use of cookies because we only use Strictly Necessary Cookies which do not require approval.

We don't track you through evil cookies and we let you set your preferences through the website, not through cookies.

The only cookies we use are to do basic website things such as not making you log in every time you go to a new page (session cookies), making sure the data you send us is not interfered with (Cross Site Request Forgery checks) and remembering if we have already told you something so you don't get constant annoying pop-ups but you do get useful information the first time you need it.