TBIB Under 750 MPs Swiss Pairs (as at 30/09/2021)

Summer Festival of Bridge 2022

15th to 16th January 2022 - 12pm Start

56 entries

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Barbara Callan, Katherine Collins Complete
Jody Swaine, Marcey Spilsbury Complete
Ian Michelson, Deborah McLay Complete
Dell Macneil, Adrian Beaumont Complete
Felix Shteyman, Janice Olevson Complete
Peter Robinson, Marelle Irvine Complete
Tim Mather, George McLean Complete
Jenny Barnes, Catherine Else Complete
Mardi Grosvenor, John Grosvenor Complete
Mukesh Parekh, Paul Stebbing Complete
Anthony Abbott, Neil Williams Complete
Alan Bustany, Pauline Caust Complete
Dennis Sullivan, Sheila Wills Complete
Dave Sloan, Steven Pynt Complete
Kevin Gu, Jinghao Gu Complete
Helen Standfast, Loraine King Complete
West Savery, Pamela McKittrick Complete
Jinny Fuss, Sue Martin Complete
Marie Pickering, Carolyn Githens Complete
Virginia Seward, Linda Coli Complete
Ray Beacham, Timothy Woodley Complete
Anne Laughlin, Nicole Lukins Complete
Cheryl Waters, Erica Gray Complete
Richard Deveridge, Nicholas Chilov Complete
Liz Jacka, Alex Penklis Complete
Phillip Halloran, Robert Ward Complete
Lynne Moss, Shane Woodburn Complete
Brian Wawn, Sue Kinnear Complete
Sue Casey, Meg Waterworth Complete
Phil Jacobsen, Dianne Dwyer Complete
Steve Colling, Mary Colling Complete
Nick Edginton, Rhonda Graham Complete
Dennis Raymond, Alec Gillespie Complete
Kevin Birch, Prem Soundra Complete
Alexander Jones, Tim Legge Complete
Jean Hydleman, Ralph Edwards Complete
Eleonora Truskewycz, Dini Fotheringham Complete
Chris Larter, Sarah Anwar Complete
Mary Atkinson, Janis Grauds Complete
Ruth Neild, Colin Bale Complete
Philip Hocking, Cathryn Hocking Complete
John Russell, Judith Parsons Complete
Jeff Conroy, Annthea Matheson Complete
Peter Karol, Jac Rossiter-Nuttall Complete
Rosemary Porter, Rex Meadowcroft Complete
Mereana Cullen, Morgan Booker Complete
Ella Lupul, Judy Zollo Complete
Peter Bardos, Elizabeth Neil Complete
Vivienne Thomas, Malcolm Clark Complete
Daria Williams, Shayne Palfreyman Complete
Robert Hurst, Rowan Corbett Complete
Rajiv Shah, Dev Shah Complete
Mardi Hogarth, Lynn Bain Complete
Craig Mietzke, Christine Hanley Complete
Robin Devries, Allan Pike Complete
Martin Wu, Lilly Jia Complete