Hervey Bay Matchpoint Autumn Pairs Congress

Hervey Bay Autumn Congress 2024

27th April 2024 - 9:30am Start

34 entries out of a maximum of 36

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
COOPER - Jocelyn Cooper, Ariane McLean Complete
GIBSON - George Gibson, Lynne Layton Complete
MANN - Patricia Mann, Gordon Kellerman Complete
LAWRENCE-BERNE - Terina Lawrence-Berne, Meredith Ward Complete
KORFGEN - Astrid Korfgen, Sue Mittermair Complete
LOVE - Barbara Love, Judy Hapeta Complete
HAMILTON - Alan Hamilton, June Glenn Complete
RONNING - June Ronning, Lesley Oliver Complete
PENMAN - Fiona Penman, Trish Wysling Complete
STAR - Freda Star, Freda Hadwen Complete
MARTIN - Jim Martin, Lyn Martin Complete
BUSCH - Peter Busch, Adrienne Kelly Complete
RUTTIMAN - Maria Ruttiman, Ann McGhee Complete
HILLMAN - Dianne Hillman, Connie Cassar Complete
HALL - Odette Hall, Cheryl Hensel Complete
MASON - Gillian Mason, Gary Sandlant Complete
ZELLER - Judith Zeller, Betty Theodore Complete
CAMERON - Don Cameron, Jan Randall Complete
ALLAN - Malcolm Allan, Karin Le Roux Complete
MANZAU - Helen Manzau, Peter Gordon Complete
ROLAND - Val Roland, Michael Stoneman Complete
SCRUTON - Diane Scruton, Jill Vicary Complete
MORRIS - John Morris, Errol Miller Complete
SHOTTER - Annie Shotter, Marianne Elmer Complete
MAYES - Merl Mayes, Glenys Norton Complete
ALLAN - Graeme Allan, Mary Allan Complete
HASTED - Christine Hasted, Barbara Bainbridge Complete
MOLLOY - John Molloy, Pierre Martin Complete
DAVIES - Bob Davies, Siobhan Davies Complete
WHITAKER - Fred Whitaker, Anna Monks Complete
WILLIAMS - Maurice Williams, David Priol Complete
ETHELL - David Ethell, Paul Jansen Complete
BROWN - Frances Brown, Cheryl Barnett Complete
BRADWYN - Julie-Ann Bradwyn, Lois Martin Complete