Toowong IMP Swiss Pairs

Imp Swiss Pairs Congress 2022

30th January 2022 - 9:30am Start

59 entries out of a maximum of 80

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Inta Devine, Helen Blair Complete
Janice Little, Jenny Coyle Complete
Kim McDonald, Barry Koster Complete
Lee Rogers, Denise Rogers Complete
Sarah Huntington-Wynne, Tim Sayer Complete
Richard Fox, Christine Newbery Complete
Abigail Wanigaratne, Carmel Martin Complete
Gill Phillippo, Warren Males Complete
Trevor Dwerryhouse, Winny Chan Complete
Jane Tagney, Rob Swann Complete
Joyanne Manning, Raelene Clark Complete
Ralph Parker, Jenny Hay Complete
Narelle McIver, Bernadette O'Connell Complete
Laurie Skeate, Philip Hale Complete
Paul Brake, Annette Corkhill Complete
Yolande Coroneo, Jane Farquhar Complete
lynne gray, Terence ODempsey Complete
Alan Hamilton, June Glenn Complete
Murray Perrin, Lyndon Sanderson Complete
Barbara Kent, Ross Murtagh Complete
Deborah Gibbards, Gary Gibbards Complete
TIM RUNTING, Susan Ziegenfuss Complete
Lex Ranke, Roberta Tait Complete
Tony Davidson, Noreen Weyling Complete
John Scrivens, Dennis Sullivan Complete
John Wilson, Geoff Willson Complete
Marge Henry, David Sydes Complete
Ted Morriss, Jane Doyle Complete
Sandra Hall, Elaine Kelly Complete
Paul Collins, Sue O'Brien Complete
Kathy Males, Helen Clayton Complete
Dewi Eastman, Yvonne Kilvert Complete
Janeen Solomon, Maha Hoenig Complete
Anna Bell, Anne Nothling Complete
Richard Ward, Therese Tully Complete
Anthony Hutton, Neville Francis Complete
Nikolas Moore, Larry Moses Complete
Eduardo Besprosvan, Neven Burica Complete
Sherrell Cardinal, Peter Lang Complete
Rachel Langdon, Sebastian (Seb) Langdon-Macmillan Complete
Kathleen Clifford, Sally Hall Complete
Tom Strong, Edda Strong Complete
Ann Maclaurin, Normand Maclaurin Complete
Robyn Palethorpe, Anne Alexander Complete
Bronwyn Macleod, Connie Schoutrop Complete
Charlie LU, Watson Zhou Complete
Ewa Kowalczyk, Gheorghi Belonogov Complete
Daniel Chua, Bill Morgan Complete
Terry Strong, Jill Magee Complete
Bruce Sabine, Jim Porter Complete
Wendy Casey, Jo Neary Complete
Ian Halford, John Luck Complete
Simon Fleming, Robyn Stevens Complete
Annette Hyland, Peter Stride Complete
Michelle Radke, Ivy Luck Complete
Gregory Gosney, Margaret Plunkett Complete
Tere Wotherspoon, Daria Williams Complete
Ada Krawczyk, Michael Clibbon Complete
Peter Nilsson, Dianne Rigano Complete