Kenmore Graded Swiss Pairs

Kenmore Graded Matchpoint Pairs and Graded Teams

28th January 2023 - 9:30am Start

80 entries out of a maximum of 80

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Shane Hubner, Judy Wallace Complete
Douglas Johnstone, Jill Cavanagh Complete
Claire Vanderloos, Clem Vanderloos Complete
Heather Douglas, David Douglas Complete
Bob Davies, Siobhan Davies Complete
Linda Lee, Greg Dobson Complete
Irene Allpass, Jenny Coyle Complete
Mel Gilmour, Ruth Hoffensetz Complete
Kathryn Kelly, Pam Schiller Complete
Deanne Gaskill, Sameer Pandya Complete
Linda Gough, Jenni Hansen Complete
Maureen McNamara, Ria Mylrea Complete
Joan Jenkins, Alan Boyce Complete
Murray Perrin, Alison Dawson Complete
allan byrnes, Peter Taylor Complete
Marie Low, Kiran Dutt Complete
Carole Bloomer, Jean McGuinness Complete
Steven Parkes, Unis Suliman Complete
Lilly Jia, Davis Zhang Complete
Anne Russell, Jill Hislop Complete
William Webster, Robert Olander Complete
Anne Gardiner, Jennifer Brangan Complete
Bill Szumidlo, Geoff Longshaw Complete
Narelle McIver, Bernadette O'Connell Complete
Jan Ford, Greg Ford Complete
Gregory Gosney, Margaret Plunkett Complete
Carol Bellis, Cynthia Sharp Complete
Andrew Sharp, Susan Sharp Complete
Patrick Eather, Barbara Moni Complete
Dale Lehner, Lily Manlapig Complete
Lex Ranke, Jack Rohde Complete
Barbara Kent, Ross Murtagh Complete
Peter Neil, Linda Neil Complete
Janeen SOLOMON, Maha Hoenig Complete
Jim Love, Barbara Love Complete
Margaret Mobbs, Diane McClintock Complete
Paul Collins, Sue O'Brien Complete
Mick Fawcett, Lyn Tracey Complete
Sue Ledlie, Helen Leahy Complete
Rachel Langdon, Nikolas Moore Complete
Alex Daw, Tricia Sheahan Complete
Voyko Markovic, Vesna Markovic Complete
Barry Koster, Barbara Mackay Complete
Chris Williams, Margaret Giebels Complete
Jeff Conroy, Edward Hahn Complete
Leanne Nugent, Jenny Iliescu Complete
Peter Wilce, James Pope Complete
Jane Tagney, Mike Fox Complete
Margie Knox, Carmel Wikman Complete
Marge Henry, David Sydes Complete
James Evans, Pamela Evans Complete
Rosemary Clark, Jenny Joseph Complete
Midge Spice, Melva Leal Complete
Terence ODempsey, Larry Moses Complete
Sheila Wills, Carol Loth Complete
Janet Flanigan, Suzanne Cheney Complete
John Scrivens, Dennis Sullivan Complete
Glen Lockington, Gillian Long Complete
Robyn Clark, Lyndon Sanderson Complete
Jennifer Finigan, Jill Hutson Complete
Ralph Parker, Neville Francis Complete
Sandy Spies, Judy Werner Complete
Philip Hale, Laurie Skeate Complete
Frank Killbey, Althea Crowley Complete
Andrew Woollons, Richard Fox Complete
Anna Green, Jo Mammen Complete
Peter Munro, Eugene Pereira Complete
Christine Hasted, Barbara Bainbridge Complete
TIM RUNTING, Patrick Bugler Complete
Yvonne Kilvert, Neven Burica Complete
Kathleen Clifford, Justine Wlodarczyk Complete
Sarah Huntington-Wynne, Tim Sayer Complete
John Kelly, Paul Brake Complete
Cia Adermann, Elizabeth Handley Complete
Graham Rusher, Tony Treloar Complete
Karen Amos, Hilary Lewis Complete
Seb Langdon-Macmillan, Charlie LU Complete
Beth Rothery, Bevley D'Aquino Complete
Barbara Power, Jennifer Vickers Complete
Wendy Gay, Granville Gay Complete