Graded Matchpoint Pairs

Sunshine Coast Graded Pairs 2021

19th September 2021 - 9:30am Start

40 entries out of a maximum of 64

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Murray Perrin, Alison Dawson Complete
Cathy Clarke, Judith Leathley Complete
Jim Martin, Lyn Martin Complete
Arch Morrison, Cherie Butler Complete
Geoff Olsen, Maureen Jakes Complete
Kate Balmanno, Glenda Vincent Complete
Julie Scott, Elizabeth Van Vugt Complete
Michael Phillips, Shirley Phillips Complete
Carmel Dwan, Tricia Merefield Complete
Deborah Gibbards, Gary Gibbards Complete
John Gosney, Paul Gosney Complete
Ken Dawson, Verna Brookes Complete
Adrienne Kelly, Stephen Brookes Complete
Richard Trollope, David Christian Complete
Moira Gibbens, Peter Hagan Complete
Louise Taylor-Smith, Denise Zagni Complete
Edgar Beckett, Janice Beckett Complete
Ann Mellings, Elizabeth French Complete
John Kenny, Brian Cordiner Complete
Richard Ward, Anthony Hutton Complete
Sue O'Brien, Paul Collins Complete
Kerry Wood, Charles Howard Complete
Timothy Ridley, David Harris Complete
Jilliana Bell, Vilma Laws Complete
Dianne Musgrave, Roberta Macnee Complete
Tony Davidson, Noreen Weyling Complete
Eugenie Mooney, Anna irminger Complete
Anne Young, Amber Noonan Complete
Terry Beale, Jane Clitheroe Complete
Kiyomi Avunduk, Suzanne Gardner Complete
Gabrielle Elich, Fay Stanton Complete
Moira Smith, Drew Campi Complete
Peter Keys, Greg lawler Complete
Maureen Wright, Sandy Long Complete
Marilyn Endacott, Mimie Jenman Complete
John Luck, Ivy Luck Complete
Barbara Holmes, Christine Birch Complete
Stephen Hughes, Randall Rusk Complete
Michelle Behrens, Pamela Hawkins Complete
Rachel Wagner, Katherine Collins Complete