Under 750 Swiss Pairs

Summer Festival of Bridge

13th to 14th January 2024 - 9:45am Start

53 entries

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
David Ting, Eric Goodchild Complete
Ming Ting, Debra Goodchild Complete
Cathryn Hocking, Philip Hocking Complete
Alan Bustany, Pauline Caust Complete
Julie Willcocks, Kevin Willcocks Complete
Pauline Lane, Robyn Stanhope Complete
Mukesh Parekh, Paul Stebbing Complete
Peter Westmoreland, Denise McTaggart Complete
Karen Irvine, Ken Hubbell Complete
Tim Mather, George McLean Complete
Shayne Palfreyman, Sonya Palfreyman Complete
Barbara O'Shea, Glenda Parmenter Complete
Gail McKenzie, Peta Drake Complete
Judy Netting, Sau-Yem Lo Complete
Kevin Riordan, Valerie Cook Complete
Gwen Riordan, Ann Berry Complete
Jody Swaine, Paul Rooms Complete
Anne Symons, Lois Chambers Complete
Margaret Regan, David Snow Complete
Hilary Merritt, Diana Keeling Complete
Cheryl Henke, Jane Biscoe Complete
Marie Pickering, Carolyn Githens Complete
Felix Shteyman, Janice Olevson Complete
Sheila Wills, Lyn Tracey Complete
Vince Cariola, Bill Doman Complete
Gayle Bagg, Sari Irlicht Complete
Susan Scerri, Allen Scerri Complete
Caprice Davey, Alice Handley Complete
Daria Williams, Anthony White Complete
Sameer Pandya, John Rivers Complete
Robert Ward, Phillip Halloran Complete
Brenda Watts, David Clarkson Complete
Sue Hapek, Glen Chick Complete
Frank Hardiman, Lalita Kanetkar Complete
Murray Paterson, Pam Bradford Complete
Jennifer Yeats, Brett Yeats Complete
Jay Novak, Richard Carter Complete
Chris Tough, Atul Hajela Complete
Sachiko Cathcart, John Simmonds Complete
Bruce Nelan, Peter Cloke Complete
John Russell, Martin Brown Complete
Colin Speller, David Cumming Complete
Martin Sims, Alison Sandwith Complete
Prakash Muttuvelu, Craig Curry Complete
Owen Teakle, Anne Davey Complete
Imogen Von Muenchhausen, Ian Wright Complete
Erica Gray, Jennifer Muscio Complete
Sandy Carter, Nerida Gillies Complete
Deborah Anglim, Robyn Rogers Complete
Jennette Rosetta, Elizabeth Moss Complete
Michael Phillips, Claudia Whitty Complete
Terry Dunne, Craig Mietzke Complete
Helena Canaris, Adrian Leitch Complete