Mudgee BC Central West Festival Swiss Pairs

ANC 2024

7th July 2024 - 10am Start

29 entries out of a maximum of 80

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Janine Bessen, Elizabeth Carpenter Complete
Chris Conlon, Kim Maston Complete
Jim Fitz-Gerald, Ellie Fitz-Gerald Complete
Sherri Gates, Chris Jack Complete
Judy Royal, Lynette Isles Complete
Rex Hanson, Alison Hanson Complete
Robyn Pearce, Elaine McRae Complete
Merryn Hull, Marina McCullagh Complete
Mandy Dodds, Paul Pellarini Complete
Pam Bradford, Rosemary Thomson Complete
Jean Hydleman, Marelle Irvine Complete
Julie Willcocks, Kevin Willcocks Complete
Eva McNaughton, Libby Dale Complete
Judy King, Denise Reid Complete
Ros Roworth, Brian Glover Complete
Mary Anne Loveridge, Elaine Harris Complete
Michele Tredinnick, Manda Labuschagne Complete
Garth Hogg, Diana Waddell In Cart
Margaret Barker, Margaret Corby In Cart
Jenny King, TBA In Cart
Marlene Velecky, Penny Mulligan In Cart
Lyn Quilter, Len Quilter In Cart
Robyn Rogers, TBA In Cart
Alexander Cook, Robin Ho In Cart
Eva Shand, Les Varadi In Cart
Rosemary Wilson, Jude Merrick Pending
Glenda Parmenter, Barbara O'Shea In Cart
Shannon Queree, TBA In Cart
Patricia Vetter, Angela Parker In Cart