Orange BC 2024 Annual Congress Swiss Pairs

ANC 2024

11th July 2024 - 10am Start

48 entries out of a maximum of 160

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Beryl Manuel, Chris van Wyck Complete
Pauline Lane, Robyn Stanhope Complete
Jim Fitz-Gerald, Ellie Fitz-Gerald Complete
Elizabeth Shonk, Helen Andrew Complete
Rex Hanson, Alison Hanson Complete
Robyn Pearce, Elaine McRae Complete
Johanna Thomas, Elizabeth Voveris Complete
Janine Bessen, Lesley Capon Complete
Elizabeth Randall, louise clement Complete
Peter Westmoreland, Denise McTaggart Complete
Julie Willcocks, Kevin Willcocks Complete
Murray Paterson, Pam Bradford Complete
Brian Glover, Ros Roworth Complete
Peter Reed, Michele Kerin Complete
Judy Jackson, Christine Kershaw Complete
Michele Tredinnick, Manda Labuschagne Complete
Brigitte Grover, Carolyn Jones Complete
Dorothy Woodside, TBA Complete
Wendy Edwards, Sydney Rowan Complete
Garth Hogg, Diana Waddell In Cart
Alison Colla, Gwenda Garde In Cart
Margaret Barker, Margaret Corby In Cart
Anita Delorenzo, Elizabeth Yoo In Cart
Anne Tonna, Robyn Stevens Pending
Jenny Walpole, Robyn Carroll In Cart
Gail McKenzie, Peta Drake In Cart
Jean Hydleman, Ralph Edwards In Cart
Anne Fleming, Julie McPhail In Cart
Rhonda Jefferson, TBA In Cart
Christine Banham, Grahame Elith In Cart
Sue Evershed, Trish Berry In Cart
Sachiko Cathcart, John Simmonds In Cart
Sandy Carter, Terry Bodycote In Cart
Michael Green, Susan Eason In Cart
Jayne Francis, Joyanne Gough In Cart
Barbara Stuart-Harris, Sue Whigham In Cart
Anne-marie Stevenson, Ann Berry In Cart
Elizabeth Moss, Gwen Riordan In Cart
Peter Schmidt, John Rivers In Cart
Alexander Cook, Robin Ho In Cart
Eva Shand, Les Varadi In Cart
Denise Gough, Elizabeth Lambell In Cart
Doreen Kjeldsen, Judy Robertson In Cart
Bronwyn Neal, Simon Hunter In Cart
Bruce Kleem, Robert Scott In Cart
Glenda Parmenter, Barbara O'Shea In Cart
Shannon Queree, TBA In Cart
Catherine Whiddon, TBA In Cart