Restricted Butler Pairs

ANC 2024

13th to 14th July 2024 - 10am Start

22 entries out of a maximum of 120

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Christine Egan, Deonne Samodol Complete
louise clement, Elizabeth Randall Complete
Peter Westmoreland, Denise McTaggart Complete
Marney Tilley, David Hadley Complete
Peter Reed, Michele Kerin Complete
Brigitte Grover, Carolyn Jones Complete
Dave Havyatt, Margaret Havyatt Complete
Garth Hogg, Diana Waddell In Cart
Margaret Barker, Margaret Corby In Cart
Robyn Stevens, Anne Tonna In Cart
Judith Atallah, Kathy Redfern In Cart
Rhonda Jefferson, TBA In Cart
Robyn Rogers, TBA In Cart
Christine Banham, Grahame Elith Pending
Sue Evershed, Trish Berry In Cart
Sachiko Cathcart, John Simmonds In Cart
Michael Green, Susan Eason In Cart
Elizabeth Moss, Gwen Riordan In Cart
Bronwyn Neal, Simon Hunter In Cart
Bruce Kleem, Robert Scott In Cart
Shannon Queree, TBA In Cart
Dimity Burke, Anne Sandeman In Cart