ANC Paul Lavings Bridge Supplies Swiss Pairs A

ANC 2024

15th to 16th July 2024 - 10am Start

26 entries out of a maximum of 160

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Garth Hogg, Diana Waddell Complete
Gary Kembrey, Andrew Grace Complete
Anne-marie Stevenson, Ann Berry Complete
Jenny King, Robyn Stevens Complete
Gail McKenzie, Peta Drake Complete
Sandy Carter, Nerida Gillies Complete
John Russell, Judith Parsons Complete
Valerie Cook, Kevin Riordan Complete
Janeen SOLOMON, Maha Hoenig Complete
Wendy Mitchell, Henrietta Hohnen Complete
Margaret Barker, Margaret Corby Complete
Rex Calvert, Nola Calvert Complete
Peter Schmidt, John Rivers Complete
Martin Brown, Michael Hogan Complete
Shannon Queree, Kathy Duke Complete
Jane Biscoe, Maurice Ripley Complete
Elizabeth Moss, Gwen Riordan Complete
Ian Michelson, Deborah McLay Complete
Paul Brake, Roger Brake Complete
Phillip Halloran, Pam Bradford Complete
Jeanette Abrams, Angeline Christie Complete
Hans Van Weeren, Peter Clarke Pending
Ken Wilks, Rosalie Broughton In Cart
Carol Loth, Errol Miller In Cart
Mary Poynten, Anthony White In Cart
Paul Weaver, Terry Bodycote In Cart