True Mixed Open Teams

NSBC True Mixed Teams Championship (Visitors Welcome)

2nd to 23rd November 2023 - 7pm Start

10 entries out of a maximum of 60

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
BEAUCHAMP - David Beauchamp, Sophie Ashton, Anita Curtis, David Fryda Complete
MUNDELL - Giselle Mundell, Andrew Peake, Hugh Grosvenor, Tania Lloyd Complete
LOWRY - Helen Lowry, Gary Barwick, Philip Beeby, Jane Beeby Complete
CLIFFORD - Colin Clifford, Margaret Foster, Rakesh Kumar, Jenny Michael Complete
ZHANG - Wei Zhang, Wayne Zhu, Cevat Emul, Catherine Zhang Complete
DAVIES - Kevin Davies, Elli Urbach, Steven Bock, Greer Tucker Complete
FINIKIOTIS - George Finikiotis, Elizabeth Fanos, Leo Goorevich, Fiona Lavery Complete
ZETS - Avril Zets, Lorna Ichilcik, George Fleischer, Craig Gower Complete
HOUSE - Lynleigh Evans, Nicholas Chilov, Linda Aubusson, Witold Chylewski Complete
SYLVESTER - Elisabeth Sylvester, Peter Gill, Dagmar Neumann, Maurits van der Vlugt, Marnie Leybourne, Trevor Fuller Complete