Open Matchpoint Pairs

NSBC@Lindfield Labour Day Matchpoint Pairs

2nd October 2023 - 10am Start

44 entries out of a maximum of 60

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Alexander Cook, Robin Ho Complete
Kevin Davies, Elli Urbach Complete
George Finikiotis, Peter Jeffery Complete
Marie Harvey, Peter Langer Complete
Carol McMurray, Beverley Peters Complete
Elizabeth Fanos, Linda Aubusson Complete
Shirley Lau, Beverley Callaway Complete
Helen Stewart, Gwen Cordingley Complete
Ian Plummer, Janet Rowlatt Complete
Christine Vinson, Simon Vinson Complete
Barbara Rose, Anne Cummins Complete
Warren Robinson, Matt Smith Complete
Marika Lorschy, Peter Lorschy Complete
Virginia Cohen, Elizabeth Madsen Complete
colin thomas, Marlaine Gahan Complete
Lois Chambers, Pamela Potter Complete
Kay Fulton, Sue Paul Complete
Catherine Zhang, Cevat Emul Complete
Frances Leadbeter, Jackie Coles Complete
Fiona Russell, Sue Morgan Complete
Robin Devries, Anne Symons Complete
Kit Meyers, Fiona Fawcett Complete
Sunny Pang, Margaret Owen Complete
Anne Bates, Sue Allen Complete
Witold Chylewski, Wieslaw Przewozniak Complete
Paul Weaver, Helen Milward Complete
Malcolm Clift, Kathy Clift Complete
Gary Lane, Edward Truscott Complete
Patrick Jiang, Hui Li Complete
Anne Cooper, Bob Lygo Complete
Lavy Libman, Tomer Libman Complete
Aleksandar Milovanovic, Hans Van Weeren Complete
Patricia Lacey, Margaret Gidley-Baird Complete
Wayne Zhu, Wei Zhang Complete
Neil Williams, Elizabeth Neil Complete
Robert Case, Diane Mitty Complete
Roslyn Howes, Tony Howes Complete
Stuart Schon, Maeve Doyle Complete
Eric Lippey, Kerry Boytell Complete
Leo Goorevich, Adam Rutkowski Complete
Julie Guthrie, Mark Guthrie Complete
Janet Walker, Barbara Wood Complete
Leofric Kingsford-Smith, Lynn Baker Complete
Ferenc Budai, Theo Mangos Complete