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5th to 6th March 2022

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Organiser:Kim Ellaway

0412 064 903/

Chief Tournament Director:Matthew McManus
GCC Entries/MyABF Liaison:
Pele Rankin -


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Gold Coast Recue Series 1 Flyer

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The 60th Gold Coast Congress is currently running face to face.  Although the event will run at a huge loss, we were committed to holding this special event.  The ABF has kindly approved some online events to be run over the next couple of months with the first being March 5 Pairs (Open and Restricted) and March 6 Teams (Open).  We look forward to large entries numbers and thank you for your support. Also a big thank you to the Australian Bridge Federation for allowing us to do this. Matthew McManus and his fabulous team of directors will be directing.

The format will be 6 x 9 board matches each day at a cost of $40 per player, per day i.e. $80 for the Open and Restricted Pairs Events on Saturday 5th March 2022 and $160 for the Open Teams Event on Sunday 6th March 2022.

Starting time for this Gold Point event on both days:

10.00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), 9.00am Qld, 7.00am WA, 12.00pm NZ and

2.00pm   Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), 1.00pm Qld, 11.00am WA, 4.00pm NZ 


Location - Online - Realbridge


* For teams events Entry fee per player assumes a team of 4. Amounts will differ for teams of 5 or 6.

Event Full entry fee per player Day Time Total entries Action
Open Swiss Butler Pairs40 credits Saturday 05-03-2022 - 10am & 2pm 97 Entries closed on Friday 4 Mar 2022View Entries
Restricted Swiss Butler Pairs (Under 300MPs)40 credits Saturday 05-03-2022 - 10am & 2pm 30 Entries closed on Friday 4 Mar 2022View Entries
Open Teams40 credits* Sunday 06-03-2022 - 10am & 2pm 54 Entries closed on Friday 4 Mar 2022View Entries

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