John Brockwell Teams - Open

Barrier Reef Congress 2023

29th April to 1st May 2023 - 2pm Start

This event starts at different times on subsequent days

Date Start Time
Saturday 29th Apr 2023 2pm
Sunday 30th Apr 2023 10am
Sunday 30th Apr 2023 2pm
Monday 1st May 2023 9am

42 entries out of a maximum of 42

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Barry Williams, Neville Williams, Ross Shardlow, PETER GRUYTHUYSEN Complete
Joy Trigg, Joan Campbell, Jenny Crawt, Patricia Bruce Complete
Jane Lennox, Jennifer Hollingworth, Peter Coppin, Renate Pettit Complete
Joan Jenkins, Trevor Dwerryhouse, Sheila Wills, Carol Loth Complete
Fred Whitaker, Barry Jones, Jenny Millington, Michael Sykes Complete
Heather Thomas, Lois Pollock, Helen Rial, Peggy Ladner Complete
Josephina Burrie, June Herbert, Lorenzo Orsini, Mitch Dowling, TBA , TBA Complete
KAY WEBBER, Denise O'Regan, Glenda Vincent, Lesley Heap Complete
Fay Jeppesen, Annette Hyland, Melissa Weber, Herold Rienstra Complete
Jenny Williams, Ian Bannister, Evelyne Mander, Robyn Clark Complete
Chris Snook, Denise Hartwig, Gabrielle Elich, Fay Stanton Complete
Diane Holewa, Max Holewa, Janelle Conroy, Geoff Taylor Complete
Kevin Birch, Mereana Cullen, Gideon Azar, William Van Bakel Complete
Pat Leighton, Ray Muld, Gladys Tulloch, Cathy Crawford Complete
John Tredrea, Phil Rains, Ian Patterson, Bill Bishop Complete
Lee Miller, Charlie Georgees, Ched Twyman, Ken Miller Complete
Noel Bugeia, Val Holbrook, Robyn Nolan, Di Jones Complete
Susan McMahon, Kenneth McMahon, Charles McMahon, John McMahon Complete
Rebecca Delaney, Lesley Fraser, Rick Gryg, Michael Byrne Complete
Ken Dawson, Adrienne Kelly, Stephen Brookes, Verna Brookes Complete
Jenny Donoghue, Ceda Nikolic, Janet Hansen, Lorna Shuttlewood Complete
Patricia Phillips, Eric Lindh, John McIlrath, Patricia Grigson Complete
Terry Strong, Jill Magee, Janeen SOLOMON, ian afflick, TBA , TBA Complete
Tere Wotherspoon, Charles Page, Kathleen Clifford, Justine Wlodarczyk Complete
Jim Martin, Lyn Martin, Paul Collins, Sue O'Brien Complete
Raymond Ellaway, Kim Ellaway, Allison Stralow, ABF Secretariat Complete
Sonja Ramsund, Margaret Azar, Lynn Viegel, Patricia Ottone Complete
Richard Ward, Therese Tully, Yolanda Floris, Toni Bardon Complete
Dee Jierasak, Bjorg Risla, Pat Mannerstrale, Leif Mannerstrale Complete
Alexander Goss, Jeremy Reid, David McConachie, Peerapan Maslen Complete
Delma Johnson, Lex BOURKE, Pat Allen, Geoff Allen Complete
Ann Mellings, Sheryl Cullenward, Sally Murray-White, Geoff Whiting Complete
James Wallis, Bill Nash, Charlie LU, Watson Zhou Complete
Andrew Hooper, Pippa Hooper, Anthony Lusk, Alexander Long Complete
Colin Shugg, Allan Hardie, Peter Lardy, Chris Fernando Complete
Chris Williams, Wendy Mitchell, Jan Clarke, Di Coats Complete
Jane Farquhar, Elizabeth Litzow, Lorraine Zoia, Brian Tierney Complete
Winny Chan, Dewi Eastman, Lyn Tracey, Mick Fawcett Complete
Laura Ginnan, Peter Hollands, Simon Hinge, Geoff Chettle Complete
Peter Gill, Greer Tucker, Elisabeth Sylvester, Robbie Feyder Complete
Phil Gue, Peter Chan, Susan Emerson, Margaret Walters, attilio deluca Complete
Michael Gearing, Lakshmi Sunderasan, Richard Wallis, Ben Leung Complete