Barrier Reef Pairs - Restricted (Under 300 MPs)

Barrier Reef Congress 2023

28th to 29th April 2023 - 2pm Start

This event starts at different times on subsequent days

Date Start Time
Friday 28th Apr 2023 2pm
Saturday 29th Apr 2023 10am

17 entries out of a maximum of 20

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Lyn Dempster, Barbara Howard Complete
Bob Davies, Siobhan Davies Complete
Linda Lee, Greg Dobson Complete
Dave Mathieson, Paul Jansen Complete
Mavis Anderson, Sue Rohrig Complete
Donna Fitch, Diane Garside Complete
Janice Cluff, Neil Waters Complete
Helen Tapiolas, Wilfred Tapiolas Complete
Ann Smith, Heather Colbert Complete
Robyn Stevens, Angela Lawson Complete
Klarika Tortely, Camilla Nicholson Complete
Kathleen Clifford, Justine Wlodarczyk Complete
Graham Real, Rewa Real Complete
Lynn Viegel, Patricia Ottone Complete
Sameer Pandya, John Rivers Complete
Jane Gryg, Melissa Pressley Complete
John Sainsbury, Patricia Alderton Complete