Barrier Reef Pairs - Novice (under 100 Mps)

Barrier Reef Congress 2023

28th to 29th April 2023 - 2pm Start

This event starts at different times on subsequent days

Date Start Time
Friday 28th Apr 2023 2pm
Saturday 29th Apr 2023 10am

25 entries out of a maximum of 30

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Jane Lennox, Rudolf Meyer Complete
Sonja de Rooy, Annemarie Stevenson Complete
Kerrie Fitzmyers, Jonathan Jones Complete
Heather Lindsay, Edward Robson Complete
Joan Norrie, Ursula Thiessen Complete
Phil Dempster, Miriam Scully Complete
Leonie Chenoweth, Janice Lafferty Complete
Mark Firth, Jan Firth Complete
Marjan Kik-Kemp, Kathy Nykamp Complete
Robyn Wells, Jacqueline Dudurovic Complete
Elvia McMahon, Margo Chapman Complete
Bev Cooke, Irene Tenni Complete
Anna O'Brien, Donald O'Brien Complete
Adrianne Hicks, Kevin Ranger Complete
Lia Houghton, Sue Clarke Complete
Wayne Lyons, Maureen Lyons Complete
Robyn O'Reilly, Robyn Boase Complete
Sandrine Manning, Harry Graepel Complete
Rae Russell, Michele Rafter Complete
Stephen Lee, Annette Alchin Complete
Elaine Dickson, Danny Bowden Complete
Deb Morison, Bridget Findley Complete
Bernie Mason, Vera Leipold Complete
Alan Kelly, Rhonda Kelly Complete
Karin Iovannella, Leonie Brown Complete