Dick Cummings Open Pairs

NSWBA Sydney Spring Nationals

21st to 22nd October 2023 - 10am Start

105 entries out of a maximum of 110

Enter   Congress Details
Entry Status
Patsy McCartney, Nicolette Bartoli Complete
Val Holbrook, Noel Bugeia Complete
Trevor Dwerryhouse, Raelene Clark Complete
Michelle Radke, Kathy Males Complete
Fay Stanton, Gabrielle Elich Complete
Anthony White, Margaret Pussell Complete
James Wallis, Bill Nash Complete
Tony Franklin, Simon Moore Complete
Paul Weaver, Terry Bodycote Complete
James Bean, Mark Mordo Complete
Helen Clayton, Meg Sharp Complete
Tassi Georgiadis, Paul Williamson Complete
Bill Bradshaw, Joanne Bakas Complete
Phil Gue, anthony burke Complete
John Rivers, Peter Schmidt Complete
William Jenner-O'Shea, Vanessa Brown Complete
Jane Beeby, Michael Wilkinson Complete
Ian Robinson, Neil Ewart Complete
Denise Barnes, Hamid Sadigh Complete
George Stockham, Alexander Hewat Complete
Christopher Quail, Julia Hoffman Complete
Dee Harley, Anna St Clair Complete
Lydia Gibbs, Neil Williams Complete
Margaret Phippen, Lucia Mendonca Complete
Winny Chan, Sameer Pandya Complete
Eva Shand, Les Varadi Complete
Gary Kembrey, Andrew Grace Complete
Kim Frazer, Jane Reynolds Complete
Shayne Palfreyman, Sonya Palfreyman Complete
Daria Williams, Catherine Chaffey Complete
Alex Kemeny, Alessandro Gado Complete
David Hoffman, Richard Brightling Complete
Bastiaan Bolt, Robert Hurst Complete
Pam Morgan-King, Andrew Eddie Complete
Catherine Zhang, Cevat Emul Complete
George Fleischer, Peter Gill Complete
Giselle Mundell, Andrew Peake Complete
Tania Lloyd, Hugh Grosvenor Complete
Sunny Pang, Margaret Owen Complete
Sandra Milner, Robyn Noach Complete
Susan Humphries, Jane Dawson Complete
Elliott Kaplan, Peter Robinson Complete
Dominic Kwok, Bijan Assaee Complete
Patrick Jiang, Hui Li Complete
Nicole Strasser, George Bilski Complete
Peter Strasser, Terry Brown Complete
Ken Anderson, Justin Mill Complete
Ingrid Cooke, Kevin Lange Complete
Martin Johnson, Hope Tomlinson Complete
Frank Hardiman, Rodo Trichakis Complete
Lavy Libman, Tomer Libman Complete
Stefanie Williams, Ian Williams Complete
Nick Edginton, Rhonda Graham Complete
John Cummings, David Marshall Complete
Rosa Pang, Vicky Wei Complete
frances Garrick, Janet Rowlatt Complete
Tina Strickland, Mary O'Toole Complete
Hans Van Weeren, anne small Complete
Adam Rutkowski, Judy Marks Complete
Kate Macdonald, Ben Leung Complete
Michael Bishop, Mary Hingerty Complete
Colin Speller, Nerida Gillies Complete
Les Wozniczka, Wieslaw Pietraszkiewicz Complete
Sue Brown, Bob Brown Complete
Yiwei Qi, Adrian Le Complete
Kamalesh Gupta, Michael Machado Complete
Carolyn Miller, Robyn Fletcher Complete
Julie Guthrie, Mark Guthrie Complete
Warren Robinson, John Newman Complete
Robert Case, Diane Mitty Complete
Nikolas Moore, Rachel Langdon Complete
Robina McConnell, Eugene Wichems Complete
Mitch Dowling, Alan Stoneham Complete
Dagmar Neumann, Fraser Rew Complete
Jill Magee, Terry Strong Complete
Tony Leibowitz, Matthew Thomson Complete
Pauline Gumby, Warren Lazer Complete
Alexander Cook, Robin Ho Complete
Giza Fletcher, Barbara Abraham Complete
Jake Andrew, Frances Lyons Complete
Chris Mulley, Keiran Crowe-Mai Complete
Julian Foster, David Weston Complete
Witold Chylewski, Wieslaw Przewozniak Complete
Ben Kingham, Sylvia Schwarcz Complete
Jamie Thompson, Louise Leibowitz Complete
Robert Ward, Phillip Halloran Complete
Theo Mangos, Leigh Foran Complete
Shane Harrison, Jessica Brake Complete
Peter Cox, John McIlrath Complete
Axel Johannsson, Karen McCallum Complete
Kevin Davies, Elli Urbach Complete
Kimberley Zhao, Alan Cransberg Complete
Marlene Watts, Michael Prescott Complete
Peter Reynolds, Elizabeth Havas Complete
Gerry Daly, Paul Hooykaas Complete
Arlene Dalley, Ashley Bach Complete
Jonathan Free, Ron Cooper Complete
Maurits van der Vlugt, Andre Korenhof Complete
Paul Dalley, Tony Nunn Complete
Chris Hughes, Kim Morrison Complete
Jeanette Reitzer, Michael Courtney Complete
Ella Jacob, Andrew Spooner Complete
Chris Hamam, Malaczinski Complete
Peter Jeffery, Yumin Li Complete
Paul Gosney, Mathew Vadas Complete